• Filtering JSON logs with JQ

    One of my favorite command line tools is jq (homepage). It is often very useful to look at structured JSON data.

  • How to connect to localhost from a Docker container

    At work I recently spent a lot of time trying to get a running Docker container to connect to a service running on localhost.

  • Github Action for checking if a changelog is updated

    At a work project I’m working on, we work in a monorepo. We have a simple way to keep track of changes: a version.txt and a in the root of the repository, that should be updated for every merge to master.

  • K3 surfaces, definition and a few examples

    I’m reading Daniel Huybrechts’ book on K3 surfaces now (because I miss doing mathematics), and so I thought I could write some short blog posts about it as I read through it.

  • A topological space that is not first countable

    Recently me and some friends were discussing first countability, and noticed that Wikipedia gave an example of space that was not first countable, but with no proof. So here’s my attempt at a proof.

  • Making Emacs use correct Python interpreter in a virtual environment

    I like to be able to test things interactively in a Python shell when exploring a new package. I also don’t like to exit Emacs when I don’t have to. So I’d like to be able to run C-c C-p (or run-python) directly from Emacs.

  • Proof of concept chat app

    I had some time in between projects at work, so I have spent some spare time trying to learn new stuff. I have for a while wanted to learn about web sockets, so I decided to try to write a simple chat app. Turns out, I had to learn about a lot of other stuff as well. This is a short write up to summarise (mostly) for myself what I’ve learned.

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